Tentative Scientific Program 25.02.2018 (Day 4)

Dr K S Shadaksharappa Hall
Time Subject Topic Speaker
9.00 AM-10.00 AM Cardiology Advances in Management of PAH Dr.S.Ramakrishnan
Is intervention still relevant in stable CAD? Dr.Shantanu Guha
Recent Cardio Vascular Mega Trials Dr.Sundeep Mishra
10.00 AM-10.30 AM Dr. Coelio Memorial lectureship in experimental Medicine-Oration Experimental & Technical Innovation in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Dr.Chandrasekar Seshadri
10.30 AM-11.00 AM Honor Lecture Osteoporosis: An evidence based approach Dr.Tanu Shweta Pandey
11.00 AM-12.00 PM Cardiology Coronary microvascular dysfunction: An update Dr.(Prof)S.M.Mustafa Zaman
How did Fractional flow reserve( FFR) guided revascularization change my clinical practice?: cases based discussion Dr.S.Nagendra Boopathy
Disease modifying medications in systolic heart failure Dr.Alok Sehgal
12.00 PM-1.00 PM Award Session
Dr V Parameshwara Hall
9.00 AM-10.00 AM Hypertension Reno vascular hypertension: Current status Dr.Puneet Rijhwani
ABPM in clinical settings Dr.Narayan Deogaonkar
Grey areas in diagnosis and management of HTN Dr.Anita Jaiswal
10.00 AM-11.00 AM Cardiology Calcium channel blocker in the management of Hypertension: Current status Dr.D.P.Chakraborty
Unmet needs & current magnitude of CHF Dr.Suresh Pattad
Management of Upper GI bleed in ACS on dual antiplatelets Dr.J.K.Mokta
11.00 AM-12.00 PM Alcoholic liver disease in women Dr.B.S.Nagaraja
Cirrhosis of Liver:Beyond beta blocker & diuretics Dr.Anup K Das
Hepatorenal syndrome: Clinical considerations Dr.(Mrs)Tanuja Manohar
12.00 PM-1.00 PM Endocrinology Growth hormone replacement therapy: Current recommendations Dr.Minal Mohit(Jaipur)
Renal stone disease:Endocrinologist perspective Dr.Vageesh Iyer
Hyperprolactenemia: How to manage? Dr.S.K.Sharma
Dr T B Basavarajendra Hall
9.00 AM-10.00 AM Infections Dengue revisited Dr.V.Channaraya
Malaria: Unusual complications Dr.YJV Reddy
Rickettsia infection spreading beyond boundaries Dr.Vasantha Kamath
10.00 AM-11.00 AM Misc Anemia in elderly: Experience at a large tertiary centre Dr.P.S.Ghalaut
Hemophilia in India: Recent advances Dr.Cecil Ross
Chronic energy deficiency: Association to NCD Dr.H.Basavangowdappa
11.00 AM-12.00 PM Poisioning & Toxicology Snake Bite: Current guideline Dr.Shibendu Ghosh
Common poisioning & management Dr.Saurabh Srivastav
White Poisons in our diet & health hazards Dr.Subhash Giri
12.00 PM-1.00 PM Cancer-Update Immunotherapy a new weapon in cancer treatment Dr.Vineet Talwar
Targeted therapy in lung cancer Dr.Govinda Babu K
Infection causing cancer Dr.Anupam Dey
Dr H S Hande Hall
9.00 AM-10.00 AM Misc. Air anbulance service in India: Current scenario in 2018 Dr.Munish Prabhakar
Pesticides & chemicals as endocrine disruptors for obesity and metabolic syndrome: Recent evidence Dr.Arvind Gupta
Noval therapies to preserve beta cell function Dr.Vijay Negalur
10.00 AM-11.00 AM Diabetes A decade of RCTs in diabetes: Clinical implication Dr.Suhas Erande
Ambulatory glucose monitoring: mandatory or optional Dr.G.B.Sattur
Management of Heat stroke Dr.Gautam Bhandari
11.00 AM-12.00 AM Misc. Nocturia In elderly: A multidisciplinary approach Dr.Anish Kumar Gupta
ARDS:Recognition & management Dr.N.D.Karnik
Management of acute Pancreatitis Dr.G.Loganathan
12.00 AM-1.00 AM HIV Ois in HIV: Changing scenario Dr.Amar Pazare
HIV among elderly Dr.Swaroop K Baruah
Vaccinations in HIV patients Dr.K.Ravi
Dr Basavaraje Urs Hall
9.00 AM-10.00 AM Nephrotic syndrome: Adult onset Dr.K.C.Gurudev
Lung fibrosis: An approach Dr.K.S.Satish
Neuromyelitis Optic: An Update Dr.M.K.Roy
10.00 AM-11.00 AM Challenges of obesity in women in India Dr.Sarita Behera
Palliative care: Physicians perspective Dr.S.N.Sinha
Management of diabetes in resource crunch countries Dr.G.Prakash
11.00 AM-12.00 PM Transfusion transmitted infections Dr.Apu Adhikari
Adult Immunization :Current scenario in India Dr.Prashanta Bhattacharya
Refractory anemia: What to do? Dr.Ashish Dixit
12.00 PM-1.00 PM Self management and education: A noval tool for diabetes management Dr.Amit Gupta
Increatin therapy: Paradigm shift of T2DM Dr.Parixit Goswami
Exercise prescription for life style diseases: A corner stone Dr.Anil Virmani