Dear colleagues

I am pleased to present the scientific programme of APICON 2018.

These, indeed, are exciting times in medicine as better understanding of disease pathobiology has translated into newer medications and improved treatment strategies. The thrust is on translational medicine. APICONs are multidisciplinary meetings which provide an unparalleled opportunity to meet, discuss and share current concepts with experts and researchers from India and overseas. The Association headed by Dr BR Bansode, the Scientific Committee led by Dr Pritam Gupta, the Physicians Research Foundation chaired by Dr YP Munjal and the Indian College of Physicians have converged at this mega conference.

The theme of my CME is “Current Concepts and Future Trends in Medicine.” Workshops, panel discussions, WIN (what is new) and evidence based approach sessions complement state of the art lectures. We have tried to put together a contemporary programme that blends basic and clinical science and caters to the ardent researcher as well as the avid clinician!

It is for the fifth time that APICON returns to Bengaluru. The earlier APICONs in 1965, 1975, 1985 and 1998 bear eloquent testimony to the organizational skills of the Karnataka chapter of API and popularity of Bangalore as a venue. Dr P Chandrasekhara and his team have spared no efforts to provide the right ambience and ensure delegate comfort.

I am sure all participants shall find the scientific programme and the conference academically stimulating and socially rewarding.

With best wishes for the New Year.

Dr Rohini Handa
Senior Consultant Rheumatologist
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi
Dean Indian College of Physicians