Day-1 (23.02.2018)

  1. Inauguration of scientific program
  2. Orations
    1. Sanofi Aventis Lectureship in Diabetes Oration - Prof. (Dr.)Rajesh Rajput
    2. Dr.G.S.Sainani Oration - Dr.Gagandeep Singh
    3. Presidential oration - Dr.Pritam Gupta
  3. Key Note Address by Prof. (Dr.) Randeep Guleria, Director AIIMS,New Delhi.
  4. Symposium on Cardiology moderated by Dr. Praveen Chandra & Dr.Naresh Trehan, Medcity Medanta, Gurugram, Haryana.
  5. Plenary session on Hypertension moderated by Prof. (Dr.) Upendra Kaul
  6. CPC
  7. Guest lecture/Honor lecture by International & national faculty
  8. International symposium by faculty of Glassgow
  9. Symposium on obesity moderated by Dr.Soumitra Ghosh
  10. Symposium on Hypothyroidism moderated by Sujoy Ghosh
  11. Live Endoscopy workshop by Dr.D.Nageshwar Reddy
  12. Symposium on Sepsis

Day-2 (24.02.2018)

  1. Orations
    Netaji Oration
    1. Netaji Oration - Dr.Asha N.Shah
    2. Dr.P.J.Mehta Oration - Dr.H.K.Chopra
  2. Guest lecture/Honor lecture by International faculty
  3. Key Note Address by Dr.Devi Shetty
  4. Symposium of Lipid Management moderated by Dr.S.N.Narasinghan
  5. Symposium on Non Communicable Disease moderated by Dr.Ashok Kumar Das
  6. Symposium on How to prevent Litigations in Medical Practice? moderated by Dr.Y.P.Munjal & Dr. Rajesh Upadhyay
  7. CPC
  8. Medical Quiz

Day-3 (25.02.2018)

  1. Oration
    1. Dr. Coelio Memorial lectureship in experimental Medicine-Oration- Dr.Chandrasekar Seshadri
  2. Guest lecture/Honor lecture by International faculty
  3. Award Session
  4. Misc. Topics
  5. Valedictory function